About item disapprovals for product data quality violations

To ensure the success of your products and provide a good experience for people who are shopping, follow the product data specification when submitting your product data to Google. If your data doesn't meet the data quality requirements, your items and your entire Merchant Center account are subject to disapproval. Since disapproved items can't be shown in Shopping ads and free listings, it's important that you identify the reason for disapproval and take the necessary steps to fix the issue and get approval for these items.

Note: Products submitted in feeds that have multiple countries may receive different disapprovals or warnings across multiple countries due to policy differences. Consider adjusting the selection of countries for your feed, or using the shopping_ads_excluded_countries [shopping_ads_excluded_countries] attribute to exclude countries for individual products.

Item disapprovals

Individual items submitted via data feeds and the Content API for Shopping are regularly reviewed. If the data that you provide doesn't match the product information on your website or doesn't comply with the product data specification, these items may be disapproved. Disapproved items will stop showing in Shopping ads and free listings. You'll need to review the disapproved items and make sure that you submit accurate product data if you want to show these items on Shopping ads and free listings again.

What to do

Review the Item issues tab on the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account to identify the item disapprovals affecting your account. Use the 'Learn more' links to look up the specific steps to resolve the issues.

To help prevent item disapprovals related to price and availability, you can enable automatic item updates, a feature that may reduce the risk of preemptive item disapproval for price and availability mismatches.

If you've received a disapproval, take the following steps:

  1. Make corrections to your product data and resubmit it. Ensure that you've implemented a long-term solution to prevent future violations.
  2. After you've updated any disapproved items with accurate information and then uploaded them again, they will be re-reviewed. It could take up to 12 hours to verify that the data violation has been fixed.

Note: Disapproved items will be regularly evaluated and will be re-approved if the issue is resolved. Automatically re-approved items are still subject to future disapprovals.

To help fix item disapprovals related to promotional overlay on images, we recommend that you enable automatic image improvements. This feature will try to automatically fix these images by removing promotional overlays. If the removal is successful, the image will be replaced and the offer will be reapproved. Learn more about automatic image improvements

Item warnings

Item warnings let you know about issues that are currently limiting the performance of your ads or that may lead to item or account suspensions in the future if you don't resolve them.

Items with missing required unique product identifiers (UPIs) receive item warnings. These items will continue to show in Shopping ads and free listings, but their performance may be limited. Similar items with correct UPIs will be prioritised over items that do not have correct UPIs.

Make sure that you provide the correct UPIs to maximise the performance of your items.

Request a review for product data GTIN requirements

Depending on the type of product that you submit, you may be required to provide unique product identifiers (such as an MPN, GTIN or brand). For some products, you will need to use the gtin [gtin] attribute. If you submit a product without the gtin [gtin] attribute when the gtin [gtin] attribute would normally be required, your product's performance may be limited, or if you submit a product with an incorrect GTIN value, your product will be disapproved.

If your product doesn't have an assigned GTIN, or you believe that the GTIN value that you've provided is correct, you can request a review through your Merchant Center account.

To request a manual review:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Products, then click All products.
  3. Click on the title of the item to view the individual item page.
  4. Find the 'Item status' section. Find the issue 'Policy violations: Product data GTIN requirements' and click Request review under the 'Actions' column.
  5. Review the gtin attribute requirements related to your item disapproval, then tick the box that acknowledges that you've reviewed the information.
  6. Select Request manual review.

It may take up to seven business days to complete the manual review. Items that are approved as a result of the review will be eligible to show in Shopping ads and free listings within 24 hours.

If you'd like to see a full report of GTIN-related issues, click Products on the navigation menu, then click Diagnostics. From the Item issues tab, you can download full reports for each issue, including the affected items.

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