Product detail [product_detail]

Use the product_detail [product_detail] attribute to provide technical specifications or additional details. You can describe any aspect of the product that is not explicitly covered by other attributes. This attribute provides shoppers with readable, structured data and enhances our ability to surface individual products based on user queries.

When to use

  • Optional for each product

This attribute has 3 sub-attributes:

  • Section name [section_name] (Optional but recommended)
  • Attribute name [attribute_name] (Required)
  • Attribute value [attribute_value] (Required)


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure that Google understands the data that you're submitting.

For details on when and how to submit values in English, learn more about submitting your product data.

Type String (Unicode characters. Recommended: ASCII only)


Section name [section_name] (Optional)
Attribute name [attribute_name] (Required)
Attribute value [attribute_value] (Required)
Limits Section name: up to 140 characters recommended
Attribute name: up to 140 characters recommended
Attribute value: up to 1,000 characters
Repeated field Yes, up to 1,000
File format Example value
Text (TSV) General:Product Type:Digital player,General:Digital Player Type:Flash based,Display:Resolution:432 x 240,Display:Diagonal Size:"2.5"""
XML (Feeds) <g:product_detail>
    <g:attribute_name>Product type</g:attribute_name>
    <g:attribute_value>Digital player</g:attribute_value>
    <g:attribute_name>Digital player type</g:attribute_name>
    <g:attribute_value>432 x 240</g:attribute_value>
    <g:attribute_name>Diagonal Size</g:attribute_name>
To format your data for Content API, have a look at the Content API for Shopping.


Follow these guidelines to make sure that you submit high quality data for your products.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements that you'll need to meet to show your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know on the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account.

  • Each product_detail [product_detail] has three sub-attributes. They are section_name [section_name], attribute_name [attribute_name] and attribute_value [attribute_value].
    • section_name [section_name] is optional but recommended.
    • attribute_name [attribute_name] and attribute_value [attribute_value] are always required for each product_detail [product_detail] that you submit.
  • When submitting text feeds, make sure that you format product details correctly.
    • Each product_detail [product_detail] attribute must contain 2 colons to separate the three sub-attributes.The correct format is section name [section_name]:attribute name [attribute_name]:attribute value [attribute_value].
      • If there is no section name then the correct format is to start with a ":". As in the example below
        :attribute name [attribute_name]:attribute value [attribute_value]
    • Multiple product_detail [product_detail] values for a single product should be separated by commas.
    • If any of the sub-attributes contains a comma or a colon, you must enclose that sub-attribute in straight double quotes; any straight double quotes within that sub-attribute must be doubled.
  • Don't add information covered in other attributes or promotion text. Don't add information such as price, sale price, sale dates, delivery, delivery date, other time-related information or your company's name. Include this information with the other attributes such as sale price or delivery.
  • Only provide an attribute name and value when the value is confirmed. For example, for a food product, only provide 'Vegetarian=False' if it is confirmed the product is indeed not vegetarian, and not just because False is the default value for Boolean attributes.
  • Don't list keywords or search terms. Only list relevant details and specifications of the product.

Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimise your product data for performance.

  • Use sentence case when submitting values for the attribute. For example, use 'Focal length' rather than 'focal length' or 'Focal Length'.
  • Do not duplicate data within the attribute.
  • Do not use search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords.
  • Check for errors in grammar, spelling or capitalisation.


Here are some examples of the section name and attribute name combinations you might include for different types of products. Note that this is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list. You are welcome to add additional properties when they are applicable to your products.


Product data for running shoes made of recycled material
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] Sustainability:material:recycled
Product data for a jacket made of organic material
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] Sustainability:material:organic


Product data for a clothes dryer with Energy Star certification
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] Sustainability:Certification:Energy Star

Mobile phones

An illustration with 3 different colors of one mobile phone
Product data for a mobile phone with 64 GB Flash memory and battery capacity of 12.5 hours
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] General:Dimensions:20x5 cm.
Product detail [product_detail] General:Integrated Components:'Camera,Microphone'
Product detail [product_detail] General:Protection:Scratch-resistant display
Product detail [product_detail] Cellular:Technology:'GSM,CDMA'
Product detail [product_detail] Cellular:Band:'4G:1900, 1700/2100, 850, 700, 2300'
Product detail [product_detail] Memory:64 GB Flash
Product detail [product_detail] Battery:Capacity:12.5 hours
Product detail [product_detail] Battery:Charge:'1,440 mAh'

Digital cameras

Camera bundle
Product data for a camera bundle with body and 24-105mm – F/4.0 lens
Attribute Value
ID [id] camera1-bundle-A
Item group ID [item_group_id] camera1
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Sensor:CMOS
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Processor:ABCD Image processor
Product detail [product_detail] Lens system:Focal length:24-105mm
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Video:1080p full HD 60 fps
Product detail [product_detail] Lens system:Aperture range:F/4.0


Product data for a camera bundle with the same body but a different (fixed 50mm – F/1.8) lens
Attribute Value
ID [id] camera1-bundle-B
Item group ID [item_group_id] camera1
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Sensor:CMOS
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Processor:ABCD Image processor
Product detail [product_detail] Body features:Video:1080p full HD 60 fps
Product detail [product_detail] Lens system:Focal length:50mm
Product detail [product_detail] Lens system:Aperture range:F/1.8


Product data for a 13 inch laptop with 2 GB RAM and a Lithium-Ion Battery
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] Display:Size:13 inch
Product detail [product_detail] Processor:CPU:Nvidia Tegra K1 (armV7)
Product detail [product_detail] Memory:Flash:16 GB SSD
Product detail [product_detail] Battery:Capacity:Runs for 7 hours on an online streaming video test
Product detail [product_detail] Battery:Technology:Lithium-Ion
Product detail [product_detail] Memory:RAM:2 GB


Product data for 60 capsules of multivitamins
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] General: Capsules: 0
Product detail [product_detail] General:Directions:Take in the morning with food
Product detail [product_detail] General:Ingredients:'Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, Niacin, Citric acid, Natural fruit extract'
Product detail [product_detail] Nutrition information:Calories:0
Product detail [product_detail] Nutrition information:Serving Size:2 capsules


Product data for facial moisturiser
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] Instructions:Apply to clean skin in the morning and at night
Product detail [product_detail] Ingredients:'Organic rose essential oil, mineral water'
Product detail [product_detail] Shelf life:1 year


Product data for a sofa
Attribute Value
Product detail [product_detail] General:Product weight: 105 pounds (US)
Product detail [product_detail] Additional Details:Capacity:1 person
Product detail [product_detail] Additional details:Assembly info:'Self-assembly required, necessary tools and instructions included. Optional: Expert assembly available for an additional fee of $35.'
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