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Comparison Shopping Services activity dashboard

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If you’re looking for information about the Comparison Shopping Services activity dashboard in Merchant Center Next, click here.

Use the activity dashboard to view activity for your domain across different CSSs that advertise for you.

To access the dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the tools icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear], then click Shopping ads setup under “Tools.”
  3. The activity dashboard shows aggregated clicks broken down by CSS over time.

Note that you will only see metrics for CSSs who have opted in to sharing data with you.

What is shown?

The dashboard shows the number of aggregated clicks broken down by CSS for all of the CSSs that advertise or list products for you. Data reflects clicks for all of your campaigns (excluding static remarketing ads) and is shown for all offers for which the target country is a CSS program country.

A maximum of five CSSs can be displayed at a time on the dashboard. You can show your top five CSSs (based on performance) or pick up to five CSSs of your choice. The data shown in the dashboard covers a maximum time frame of 30 days.

In order for a CSS to show in your dashboard, the CSS needs to opt in to data sharing. If you don't see data for a CSS that you believe is advertising on your behalf, it’s likely that the CSS has not opted in to data sharing. Once a CSS opts in to data sharing, you'll be able to see data going back to the date that the CSS started advertising for your domain.

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