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This article only applies to you if you operate in the United States and began onboarding prior to 23 July 2020, or if you operate in France.

Review your storefront

Once you’ve finished all required setup steps, review and preview your store on Buy on Google to make sure your products are all showing as expected and your logos are displayed as intended.

Additionally, it is recommended that you add several products to your cart to make sure tax, if applicable, and shipping amounts are accurate.

To review your store, click "Review my storefront" in the Review section. Once you’ve confirmed your information is accurate, navigate to the Review section and then click "Request final validation".

Publish your storefront

After you request validation for your storefront, you’ll receive an email from Google after a few days, letting you know it’s time to publish your store or any changes you need to make first before you launch.

Important: It can take up to 24 hours for your store to appear on Buy on Google.

To publish your store:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the tools icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear] , then select Buy on Google setup under “Tools”
  3. Click Publish storefront.
Note: All retailers that are new to Buy on Google start at a daily order cap until we observe the stability of certain metrics - such as fill rate and on-time delivery. If the order cap is reached, your inventory will not be shown for that day. Once you’re performing at or above our Google Retailer Standards, we’ll lift the order cap.
In addition, all retailers in France must pass an operational performance test to confirm you’re providing an excellent customer experience that meets our policies and standards for Buy on Google. Learn more about customer experience testing (France only)
  • We strongly recommend that you publish your store Monday through Thursday during normal business hours so you can properly handle any new order volume.
  • Avoid sending any order-related emails to your customers for transactions made through Google.
  • Make sure your team is trained to recognize Buy on Google packages.

Need help? Click hereto contact Buy on Google support.

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