Important update: Multi-country advertising beta available for new country pairs

July 16, 2018

For merchants in certain countries, you'll soon see the ability to use a single feed to target multiple countries at once - your home country and other countries that uses the same language.

This means that your products may show to a broader audience - giving users a better product selection, and you the chance at more impressions - with far less effort upfront.

This feature will only be available for certain countries. You can target:

  • Norway: using English feeds from Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain
  • Sweden: using English feeds from Norway, Denmark, and Great Britain
  • Denmark: using English feeds from Sweden, Norway, and Great Britain
  • Austria: using German and English feeds from Germany
  • Belgium: using French and English feeds from France, Dutch and English feeds from the Netherlands, and English feeds from Ireland

You may use the feed in either a single campaign, targeting multiple countries or across multiple campaigns. Learn more about how to submit a single feed for multiple countries.

For example, say you're a clothing retailer based in Germany. You create a primary feed with Germany as the target country, with German as the language of your feed. You submit prices in EUR. You can already use that feed to create a Shopping campaign targeting Germany. With this beta, you can now also use that same feed to create a Shopping campaign to target Austria. Learn more about feed creation

In order for these feeds to work in these new countries, you will need to create different shipping services for each country that your products target. So if you plan to target Norway with your Sweden feed, please ensure you have created a Shipping service for Norway etc. Learn more about Shipping settings and setting up shipping labels.

Note: When targeting in Google Ads, your shipping settings should reflect your choice of ''Area of Interest" (AOI) or "Location of presence". If you have live campaigns already set up for these markets they will start to serve. Remove a campaign if you don't want it to show or make sure your shipping settings reflect your campaign settings. Learn more about targeting geographic locations
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