Order cutoff time and handling time settings now available

We’ve improved the way you configure your shipping settings in Google Merchant Center.

What’s changing

Order cutoff time

When communicating the amount of time to process an order, merchants often let their customers know when an order needs to be placed for processing to begin on the same day. Orders that miss the cutoff time are not processed until the following business day. This feature allows merchants to configure the cutoff time, along with a specific time zone, for each shipping service, and lets Google calculate more precise estimated delivery dates. Learn more

Handling time

Handling time refers to the time it takes you to make an order ready to be shipped. Previously, the handling time was only available to be edited in the product feed at an individual item level. This feature gives merchants the option to provide minimum and maximum handling times within a shipping service. Use this feature if you use Merchant Center to configure your shipping, and if all of your items share the same handling times.  Learn more

What it means for you 

You aren’t required to make changes to your current shipping settings, but you have the ability to update your services if you would like to use these new features. Note: using both the handling time field and the transit time field in a shipping service will result in the Estimated Delivery Date being displayed on your shopping ads. Learn more about estimated delivery date

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