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Set up your shipping and taxes for Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions US + Shopping Actions France

This article explains how to configure your tax and shipping settings for Shopping Actions.

Before you begin

If you have a shipping service set up in Merchant Center, you can either reuse that service or create a new one just for Shopping Actions. If you already have your tax configuration set up for other Shopping ads in Merchant Center, it will also work for Shopping Actions.


For Shopping Actions US, You need to configure the taxes you collect. You may use an existing configuration in your Merchant Center account. If you haven't yet created your tax rates, learn how to set up your tax settings. Tax settings must exist at the account level.

For Shopping Actions France, tax configuration isn’t necessary, as taxes are accounted for into the product price via value-added tax, or VAT.

Choose the country where you use Shopping Actions.

Shipping services for Shopping Actions

When customers purchase items through Shopping Actions, Google will collect any related shipping fees based on your shipping configurations in Merchant Center. The shipping model you configure will be used to display an estimated delivery date and a shipping price to customers, so it's important to model services that reflect your offerings. ​Learn more about shipping policies for Shopping Actions.

Note: The shipping attribute is not available for use with products on Shopping Actions. Shipping price must be set up at the account-level in Merchant Center.

Learn more about shipping policies for Shopping Actions.

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