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Shopping Actions has a new name! Shopping Actions is now Buy on Google. You’ll see the new name across the help center. Learn more about name changes

Retailers of all sizes can sell their products directly on Google, with zero Google commission fees, through our Buy on Google checkout experience. Retailers can work with their own third-party providers, starting with PayPal, for payment processing and more.

This experience is available in the US.


here is a view of the new Shopping Actions experience


Lower cost with commission-free model: Sell your products on Google without paying Google commission fees.

Greater choice with third-party providers: Bring your existing providers for things like payment processing, inventory, and order management so you can use the tools and services that already work for your business.

Simpler process for listing products: Import the product feed you already use for other popular marketplaces without having to reformat your data. Retailers can also add product information by pulling from our existing database rather than having to upload it themselves.

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