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About optional inventory verification

This step is not required unless Google requests verification.

Google may perform an in-person inventory check during the onboarding process. Inventory checks help ensure high ad quality and a consistent customer experience.

How to help with inventory verification

Here’s how to help your merchant with inventory verification:

  1. Follow the steps in the “Submit inventory verification contact” section of request inventory verification.
  2. Answer merchant’s questions about why verification is needed:
    • The purpose of verification is to help the merchant provide a great customer experience. Google may conduct an inventory verification to make sure shoppers can find products they see listed as available in-store on local inventory ads.
    • Learn more about initial inventory verification store visits.
  3. Help facilitate communication between Google and the merchant:
    • Make sure the merchant’s store managers are aware that Google’s third-party inventory check partner may reach out to schedule a one-day visit.
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