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Google managed returns are returns for which Google uses its own account with its own common carrier partner to provide customers with shipping labels for which you will be subsequently charged. Our return and refund process helps provide a consistent and reliable customer experience. Learn more about Google-managed customer support

This article explains the benefits, participation requirements, and process for Shopping Actions returns.


Google-managed returns and refunds offer 4 main benefits:

  • Easy-to-follow standards and processes
  • Google support for both merchants and customers
  • Enforced return eligibility
  • Savings on shipping and processing costs

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Participation requirements and policy

Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Process the refund within 2 business days of the return arriving at your facility. If your refund isn't processed within 2 business days, a refund may be processed automatically on your behalf and the refund will be deducted from your merchant center account balance.

  • Include the purchase price plus tax and any applicable fees in the total refund amount, as long as the item is returned in new or as delivered condition. To determine which fees are eligible for refund, review the following policies:
  • There are different policies for refunding different types of fees.
    • Restocking fees: Do not charge customers for restocking fees.
    • Return shipping fees, order-related returns: Order-related returns include situations when items are late, damaged or poor quality, incorrect, or don't match the description. Do not charge customers for return shipping on order-related returns.
  • For most items, provide a minimum 14-day return policy, starting from their delivery date. Items that don't meet the minimum return policy may be removed from your available inventory.
    • This return policy duration applies for any return reason
    • Goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (for example, food, groceries, and living things, including flowers and plants) cannot be returned, but may be refunded.
  • Allow an extra 30 days from the end of return eligibility for the return to arrive at your facility.
  • Items under €8: To save on shipping and processing costs, items valued under €8 may be automatically refunded without a physical return. These refund costs are billed in your monthly invoicing.
  • Return shipping fees:
    • ​Remorse returns: Remorse returns include situations when customers change their minds, order items by mistake, find a better price, or items don't fit as expected. For remorse returns the merchant will be billed €2 related to the cost of the return label. The merchant is entitled to deduct the €2 from the refund issued to the customer.
    • Original shipping fees: Original shipping fees must be refunded up to the cost of a standard shipment.

How it works

Customers can start returns through Shopping Actions or by contacting Google customer support. Google manages all order-related communications and decides how best to help customers based on participation requirements and your return policy. To help facilitate this process, be sure to clearly display your return policy information on your product details page.

When customers start a return, we give them a prepaid return label and a packing slip. The return label includes your return address, the Google order ID, the merchant order ID (if applicable), and the return reason code to facilitate your return and refund process.

Customers may ask for a return, via order history, online self care or direct contact with the customer service.

You’ll be billed the full cost for the non-remorse return shipping. For customer remorse returns, you’ll be billed 2 EUR.

To ensure your return-eligible items can be returned without any special packaging requirements, make sure your items can be shipped in one package or can be broken into several packages that don’t exceed:

  • 30 kg
  • Sum of height, width and length should not be more than 2 meters in total

Refunds, replacements, and courtesy coupons

Customer support can issue refunds, replacements, or courtesy coupons. These decisions may be granted for various reasons. For the following order-related reason codes, refunds and replacement costs will be shown in your settlement report:

  • Unsuccessful delivery
  • Package or item missing
  • Incorrect item sent
  • Incorrect price charged
  • Item is perishable, damaged, defective, or expired
  • Returns

Keep in mind

  • The total cost of a refund or replacement includes item price, tax, and may include associated shipping cost and shipping cost tax.
  • To save on shipping and processing costs, items valued under 8 EUR may be automatically refunded without a physical return. These refund costs are deducted from your merchant center account balance.

When does Google issue refunds without return?

In general, customers will be instructed to return all available items, but there may be exceptions when customer support determines that a refund without a return is more appropriate. Here are some situations to keep in mind:

  • If customer support issues refunds when items are available to be returned, you'll be billed a maximum of 8 EUR.
  • If customer support issues refunds because items weren’t received by the customer, you'll be responsible for the entire cost of the item.
  • If customer support issues refunds for items that have been returned to you, but haven’t been processed within the required refund processing timeline, you’ll be billed for the full amount for these refunds.
Refund type Merchant refund values for returnless refunds
Refund for customer remorse Not to exceed 8 EUR + original shipping fees
Refund for late parcel Not to exceed 8 EUR + original shipping fees
Refund for wrong item Not to exceed 8 EUR + original shipping fees
Refund for damaged item or perishable items Not to exceed 8 EUR + original shipping fees
Refund for missing item or package Full item value + original shipping fees
Refund for returns not processed by merchant in time Full item value + original shipping fees
Mark as delivered? Missing in transit? Signature obtained? Merchant results
Yes N/A Yes
  • Customer will be redirected to merchant for resolution
Yes N/A No
  • Declaration of Honor requested from customer
  • Possible refund
N/A Yes N/A
  • Carrier investigation
  • Possible refund


  • Customers may be asked to provide photographic evidence in the case of wrong items or damaged items.
  • Management of the carrier relationship depends on whether deliveries are inbound or outbound.
    • For outbound deliveries, you will manage the contractual relationship with the carrier, including investigations, claims and reimbursement.
    • For inbound returns, Google will manage the relationship with the carrier for what concerns the return process. The carrier chosen by Google for the service is Colissimo.
  • In case of a lost parcel, a returned item that was damaged during the return transit, or missing returned item, you should get in touch with the Google team, and we’ll start a claim with the carrier. The carrier will run an investigation and will either provide a refund or find the lost parcel.
    • If the parcel hasn't been located within or after the 48 hour window, Google will refund the customer and you will be billed.
    • If the parcel has been located within or after the 48 hour window, you won't be billed.
  • Responsibility for the cost of a return depends on whether or not a signature was required.
  • If a signature for delivery was required, Google will redirect the customer to you and inform the customer of the potential documents needed to manage this situation (e.g., declaration of honor and police report).The merchant can then apply its internal processes.
  • If a signature was not required, you’ll be responsible for the entire cost of the item, pending collection of the declaration of honor and a copy of ID from the customer.

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