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This article provides details about how Shopping Actions customer support works and what you need to get started.

Google-managed customer support is required for Shopping Actions retailers. Shopping Actions customer support allows your customers to receive help from Google for any order-related communications or issues. It promotes customer loyalty by providing fast and accurate order information while helping reduce your operational consumer support costs.

How it works

After a customer places an order on Google Express, they can contact Google customer support for order status, updates and other information. You shouldn't send any order-related emails to your customers for transactions made through Google. Google will manage all order-related communications. 

On rare occasions, Google customer support may contact you for order escalations. Escalations help resolve issues with existing orders that can't be resolved through normal refunds, replacements or courtesy coupons. To help ensure the best customer experience, respond to escalations within eight business hours and provide a customer support contact.

Refunds, replacements and courtesy coupons

Customer support can issue refunds, replacements or courtesy coupons. These decisions may be granted for various reasons. For the following order-related reason codes, refunds and replacement costs are billed in your monthly invoice:

  • Unsuccessful delivery
  • Package or item missing
  • Incorrect item sent
  • Incorrect price charged
  • Item damaged, defective or expired
  • Returns

Note: The total cost of a refund or replacement includes item price, tax and may include associated delivery costs.

When does Google issue refunds without return?

Google customer support can issue refunds for various reasons. In general, customers will be instructed to return all available items, but there may be exceptions when customer support determines that a refund without a return is more appropriate:

  • If customer support issues refunds when items are available to be returned, you'll be billed a maximum of $10 for these refunds.

  • If customer support issues refunds because items weren't received by the customer, you'll be responsible for the entire cost of the item.

  • If customer support issues refunds for items that have been returned to you, but haven't been processed within the required refund processing timeline, you'll be billed for the full amount for these refunds.

You won't be responsible for the entire cost of the item if a signature for delivery is obtained. If you think that you've been charged for a refund incorrectly and have definitive proof that the customer received the item, contact us.

Get started

To get started with Shopping Actions customer support, follow these steps:

  1. Provide a customer support escalation contact in your Merchant Center Account in the Shopping Actions tab.
  2. Ensure that your escalation contact is trained and familiar with Shopping Actions orders. Learn more about Shopping Actions basics.
  3. Suppress your transactional emails.
  4. Set up Google-facilitated returns.

If you have any questions about this programme, contact your Shopping Actions business contact.

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