Troubleshoot your URL verification and claim

While more than one person can verify the same website URL (verification), Google Merchant Center requires that only one account holds the right to upload product data for this URL (claiming). This article describes some of the reasons why you may be unable to claim your website URL and how you may lose an existing claim. You can also view a complete list of available ownership verification methods, as well as common verification errors. Learn more about the verify and claim process

Note: If your Merchant Center account loses its website verification, claim, or both, your items will be disapproved and your Shopping ads will stop running. Once you resolve the issues, you'll need to re-upload you feed and product data in order to run Shopping ads again.

Reasons you may be unable to claim your website URL:

1. You cannot claim your website URL

  • Your website is not verified: You can only claim a website URL to your Merchant Center account after you’ve verified the URL. Make sure you've verified and claimed your website URL.
  • The URL has been claimed at a higher level: If you’re seeing an error that your URL has been claimed at a higher level, another Merchant Center account has a claim that is taking precedence over yours. For example, you will not be able to claim the URL in your Merchant Center account, if another Merchant Center account has already claimed the domain This claim is at a higher level in the domain path, preventing you from claiming a URL that’s part of the same domain. To resolve this issue, you can enter and verify your website URL at a higher level in the domain path.


If you verify your website URL at a higher level, this will cause the other Merchant Center account to lose their existing claim and the ability to upload product data. You’ll see the email address of the Merchant Center user that will lose their claim.

2. You’ve lost an existing claim on your website URL

  • If another authorized owner of the website successfully verifies and claims the website URL, you'll be notified by email that your claim has been lost. To resolve this issue, you may verify and claim the same website URL at a higher level in the domain path.
  • If you lose the verified status for your website, you'll also lose your website claim. You can lose your website verification, for example, if you remove the identifying meta tag or HTML file from your site. If you've lost your "verified" status, you will need to verify and claim your website URL again.
  • If you enter a new website URL in the Website section of your Merchant Center account, you will lose the claim for your previously verified and claimed website URL. 
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