Important update: Changes to email contact options in Merchant Center

We’ve redesigned email contacts in Google Merchant Center and increased the number of email addresses that can receive notifications. With this update: 

  • Any email address that has access to an account can receive email notifications. All account users can now opt in to receive Merchant Center emails and manage their email notification preferences. Users can choose which types of emails to receive. 
  • We’re introducing email only contacts. Email only contacts can receive Merchant Center emails without having access to the Merchant Center account. Multiple email only contacts can be added to all Merchant Center accounts. 
  • We’re retiring the Primary and Technical contact fields. Email addresses currently assigned to these roles have been migrated, and preferences have been updated. 

What it means for you

This change means more contact options for your Merchant Center account. 

We’ve already migrated your existing account email preferences to the new settings. No changes are required for your current notification settings, but we encourage all users to log in to Merchant Center and update your email preferences based on the types of emails you’d like to receive. You can choose between mandatory service announcements, tips and best practices, surveys and beta invites, and feed processing notifications. 

It’s also a good time to review the email contacts currently in your account. Make sure each user’s email address is up to date, and add any new email only contacts you’d like to receive Merchant Center notifications. 


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Posted August 2017 | Merchant Center Announcements


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