Submit feeds to multiple countries

This article explains how to submit your product data to multiple countries and multiple languages. Multi-country feeds allow you to manage a single feed across multiple countries and languages by setting up additional combinations of countries and languages for existing primary feeds. Other benefits of multi-country feeds include the flexibility to create rules on a locale-by-locale basis and use supplemental feeds to add product data for specific countries and languages.

Add a new country or language

If you would like to serve your product data in multiple countries, you can do so by adding a new country of sale in the Settings tab of the Primary Feeds section.

Before a single feed can connect to multiple countries of sale, it must meet the policy requirements of the new country.

To add a new country of sale:

  1. Go to the Feeds tab of Merchant Center
  2. Select the feed to which you want to add the new country of sale
  3. Click Add 
  4. Select the new country and language (if applicable)
  5. Click Add

The new country of sale will appear in your feed list and the additional country and language combination(s) will take effect upon the next feed upload.

For the following country pairs, you no longer need to create a new country and language as above. You may simply use the same feed for both markets. You will still need separate campaigns for each market you want to target. You can target:

Norway: using English feeds from Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain
Sweden: using English feeds from Norway, Denmark and Great Britain
Denmark: using English feeds from Sweden, Norway and Great Britain
Austria: using German and English feeds from Germany
Belgium: using French and English feeds from France, Dutch and English feeds from the Netherlands and English feeds from Ireland

Note: When targeting in Google Ads, your shipping settings should reflect your choice of ‘‘Area of Interest” (AOI) or “Location of presence”. If you have live campaigns already set up for these markets they will start to serve. Remove a campaign if you don't want it to show or make sure your shipping settings reflect your campaign settings. Learn more about targeting geographic locations


You may need to use the feed tool to customize your product data under the following scenarios:

Same language and currency

The new country of sale has the same language and currency requirements as the original country of sale for which you created your product data (e.g., Germany and Austria). If this is the case, you don't need to take any additional steps to customize your data. You should see your products appear in the products list for any additional country you add.

Same language, different currency

The new country of sale has the same language requirements but uses different currencies than the country for which you originally created your product data. You many want to submit your product data to a country that speaks the same language but uses a different currency (e.g., Australia and the United States). Use the currency conversion tool to fulfill the currency requirements and submit your product data to a different country .

Different language and currency 

The new country of sale uses a different language and a different currency. Use Feed Rules to update the product data with language-dependent values, such as description or title. Alternatively, you can use the Supplemental Feed feature to provide additional language-dependent attributes. Use the currency conversion tool to fulfill the currency requirements.
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