Set up delivery zones (AU, FR and US only)

This article explains how to set up delivery zones. 

How it works

Delivery zones are used to create custom regions so that accurate delivery costs and transit times can be set across multiple delivery services.


If you're located on the east coast of the United States, you may see higher costs and extended transit times when delivering orders to the west coast. To account for these higher costs and extended transit times, you could set up a specific delivery zone for regions on the west coast, and associate a longer transit time and higher delivery rate on deliveries to that zone.

You can use delivery zones to create transit time labels, which help you provide more accurate estimated delivery dates for your customers. Learn more about setting up transit time labels


Create a new delivery zone

  1. On the Delivery page, click Delivery zones.
  2. Click the plus button to create a new delivery zone.
  3. Add a Name that you can use to distinguish it later.
  4. Select the Country that this zone will apply to.
  5. Then enter postal code ranges, with one range per line. Submit any of the following styles:
    1. A postal code (e.g. 75008)
    2. A range of postal codes (e.g. 2000–2500)
    3. A range of postal codes using a prefix with a wildcard ( * ) (e.g. 94*)
    4. A range of postal codes using two prefixes with wildcards ( * ), using the same number of digits for both prefixes (e.g. 94*–95*)
  6. Click Add postal codes to add them to the delivery zone.
  7. To remove a postal code, click the X next to it or the bin icon bin to remove them all.
  8. Click Save to finish creating the zone. You can now use the zone when using the Destination by postal code dimension.

Once you've created a delivery zone, you'll see a table listing all the zones, how many locations (postal code ranges) they contain, and how many delivery services they're used in.

Edit a delivery zone

  1. Click its Name.
  2. To change the Name, enter it into the field.
  3. To add new postal codes, add them just like you did when you created the zone, with one range per line.
  4. To remove a postal code, click the X next to it or the bin icon bin to remove them all.
  5. Click Save to finish editing the zone.

Remove a delivery zone

  1. Before you can remove a delivery zone from this tab, remove it from any delivery services, so the zone should show as used in 0 delivery services. As long as it's used in any delivery services, you won't be able to remove it.
  2. Next, click the box next to the zone, and then click Remove.

Set delivery zone to delivery rates

  1. Under 'Delivery rate table' click 'ADD DIMENSION'.

  2. Select 'Destination by postal code'.

  3. Select the delivery zone and assign the delivery cost to that zone.

    1. If the delivery zone has not been created yet, you can create it from the delivery rate table.

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