Eligible local products

Eligible local products are those that are eligible to show in local inventory ads and free product listings. If you already provide inventory data for these products, you can start serving ads and local listings by following the other requirements listed below.

How it works

A product is considered eligible when it meets 2 conditions:

  1. You’re providing inventory corresponding to a location that's published in your Google My Business (GMB) account.
  2. We've approved the product.

Note: Products that only have out of stock inventory, or limited stock inventory (unless your account has this feature enabled) aren’t eligible.


If all your products are eligible, you can serve local inventory ads and free local listings when users shop for these products. You get the chance to drive more traffic to your store when a customer is shopping for your products nearby.

How to make local products eligible

Use these guidelines to make your local products eligible:

  • Make sure that you provide inventory information for each of your products.
  • Verify that each unique itemid in your local products feed is present at least once in your local product inventory feed.
  • Review the Diagnostics page in Merchant Center for local inventory ads and your local products feed details page. Look for products flagged with issues that might prevent us from approving your products.
  • Make sure that all the stores in your local product inventory feed have matching published locations in your GMB account.

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