Multi-channel and local-only products

Multi-channel products are present in both your products and local products feeds. We match these products using identification attributes. Multi-channel products can be available both online and in-store.

Local-only products only have data present in your local products feed. These products are only available in-store. Local-only products can’t display a multi-channel local inventory ad that encompasses both the online and in-store availability of this product.


It’s important to review this information to make sure the number of products you list as multi-channel and local-only correspond with your business reality.  If you list products correctly as multi-channel, you can highlight both the online and in-store availability of those products to help increase opportunities for sales.

How to review products

You must provide all required attributes in the local products feed for local-only products. Information for multi-channel products may be supplemented using information from your products feed. 

Review your products by following the guidelines below:

  • To see local products that don’t have matching products in the products feed, visit the Diagnostics page in your Merchant Center account. These products have the following warning message: “Local offer not matching any catalog or online offer.”
  • Ensure that each unique itemid in your local products feed is also present in your products feed with the same ID. Having the same ID ensures the products are categorized as multi-channel products.
  • Data mapping is another way to ensure that your products are matched correctly. If you can’t use the same itemid in both feeds, read about mapping data across feeds

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