About the Merchant Center add-on for Google Sheets

The Merchant Center add-on for Google Sheets is no longer available. This article will be removed shortly. 


Use the Merchant Center add-on for Google Sheets to quickly submit your product data to Google Merchant Center. When a feed is created, you can choose to use the provided Merchant Center template (recommended) or use your own Google spreadsheet to share your product data. 

Once you have a Sheets-powered feed registered in your Merchant Center account, you can install the Google Merchant Center add-on from your spreadsheet to populate the feed from your schema.org markup on your website, validate the product data, and upload your feed.

Getting started with Google Sheets

To use the Merchant Center generated template for your Google Sheets-powered product feed, select the option to “Generate a new Google spreadsheet from a template” during feed creation. The template contains the basic required attributes, a section with an example feed and descriptions of the majority of attributes, and a guide on how to upload your spreadsheet. 

The Merchant Center add-on

The Merchant Center add-on is available in the Google Sheets extension store. The add-on has two main features:

  • Crawl your website for schema.org annotations and auto-populate and update the relevant columns of your sheet
  • Validate and submit your sheet directly from Google Sheets into Merchant Center

While the add-on is automatically enabled on any newly created Google Sheets template, a one-time installation in the Sheets add-on store is required when getting started. Once a Sheets-powered feed has has been registered in Merchant Center, you can:

  • Use structured data annotations to automatically populate and update attribute values in the spreadsheet
  • Validate the spreadsheet or selected rows prior to uploading your product data 
  • Review errors and warnings for your data
  • Upload the feed to Merchant Center
  • Review Merchant Center processing results

To use the add-on, your spreadsheet needs to be associated with a feed registered in Merchant Center. Learn more about add-ons.

How to install the Merchant Center add-on

The add-on is automatically enabled on any newly created Google Sheets template, and a one-time installation in the Sheets add-on store is required when getting started. If the add-on is missing or you’ve created your own sheet, you can install the add-on to your existing sheet by following these steps:

  1. Select Get add-on in the Add-ons menu of any open document or spreadsheet.
  2. Search for the Google Merchant Center add-on.
  3. Click Add-ons Install Button to install the add-on.
  4. A message will appear requesting access to specific data that the add-on needs to work. Read this message and click Accept.
  5. The add-on will appear as a sidebar on your spreadsheet.
  6. Once you’ve installed the add-on, you can access it anytime by selecting Merchant Center from the Add-ons menu.

Note: If you use the same Google Sheet for more than one feed in Merchant Center, you’ll need to select the feed you want to use with the add-on the first time you use the tool. You can change this at any time from Add-ons > Google Merchant Center > Select feed.

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