Troubleshooter: Preemptive item disapproval (price and availability)

Ensure that prices and availability in your product data match your landing page

When someone clicks a Shopping ad on Google they expect to see the same price and availability on your landing page as was on the ad. You may be paying for wasted clicks if a user clicks on an product that turns out to be out of stock or returns to Google after seeing a higher price.

Currently, your ads aren’t being shown for the following reasons:

  • Price or availability mismatches were found throughout your product data and landing pages.  You received an email asking you to update that prices or availability in your product data so that they’re consistent with your landing page by a certain date. After that date, we still found mismatching prices or availability.
  • Your landing pages haven’t been crawled recently. Your products will be approved once your landing pages are crawled and our systems confirmed that price or availability matches your product data. Until then, we have preemptively disapproved these items to ensure users see consistent price and availability information.

This article explains how to get your products approved by updating your product data, requesting a review, and also how to help Google crawl your landing pages.

Step 1: Ensure that prices and availability in your product data match your landing pages

Your products were disapproved because of problems throughout your product data, so the problem is likely with the process you use for updating your product data.

  1. First, investigate your update process to see what could be causing the problem: 
    • Check the warning email for examples of products that were disapproved. Look for a common problem in your product data that could cause these mismatched prices and availability.
    • Make sure you’re updating your landing page and product data at the same time. Schedule an upload or use the Content API to immediately update your product data. This scheduling helps make sure Google has the same data as is on your landing page. 
  2. Once you’ve addressed the problem, update the price and availability attributes in your product data to match your landing page.
Step 2: Resubmit your product data
  1. After you’ve updated your product data, resubmit it using one of these methods:
  2. Next, check that you’ve fixed the issue by making sure it’s no longer listed on the Diagnostics page.

    Keep in mind: It may take some time for your change to be reflected on the Diagnostics page.
Step 3: Request a review
  • Once you've resubmitted your product data and fixed the issue that caused the mismatch, request a review

If your account meets the product data requirements, products that were preemptively disapproved will return to approved status within 3 days.

Step 4 (optional): Help Google crawl your landing pages

Preemptive item disapprovals for price or availability will only happen if our system finds consistent issues across your product data, but allowing Google to pick up price or availability from your landing pages can help reduce product data issues in the future.

  • Make sure Google can access your landing pages by increasing the Googlebot crawl rate. Google needs to regularly check the price and availability on your landing pages to ensure that data is consistent. If your crawl rate is limited, that might prevent Google from accessing your landing pages. Learn more about increasing the Googlebot crawl rate
  • Make sure your microdata matches your product data. If you use microdata on your site, make sure it matches what’s shown to users and what’s in your product data. It's a good idea to set up microdata if you haven't already.  Learn more about microdata
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