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Promotion basics

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If you’re looking for information about promotion basics in Merchant Center Next, click here.

This article explains the benefits of promotions and how they work.

Promotions allow you to distribute online offers across different Google properties, including Search, the Shopping tab, Chrome, and more. When you add promotions to products that you sell on Google, shoppers view a “special offer” link (for example: 15% off or free shipping) or a promotion badge. These can increase the appeal of the products you show and encourage shoppers to buy. Learn more about how to Create a promotion.

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Note: Cost per click (CPC) rates aren't affected by promotions.

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  • Boost clickthrough rate: Use promotions to highlight the products you show on Google
  • Increase conversions: Give shoppers a reason to buy now
  • Capture multi-screen traffic: Google shows “special offer” links on desktop and mobile devices

How it works

Promotions are available if you have an active product feed in the Google Merchant Center. After you successfully activate promotions, you can create a variety of different types. After a promotion is created, Google reviews it.

Google accepts the following types of promotions:

  • Discounts: Percent off, cash back, buy one get one free, or buy one get 2nd percent off
  • Free gifts: Free item or free gift card for a specified value
  • Shipping: Free or discounted shipping

Note: Promotions don't affect rankings on Google.

Google rejects promotions that can't be used by all or the majority of audiences who could view them, such as promotions offered to a specific group (For example: Military members or students.) Promotions offered only to first-time customers are allowed. Learn more About promotion types.

The deals page on Search

In the US, Google also has a deals page on Search that shows on-sale products from merchants across the web. When you create promotions that are eligible to be shown on Search, your products will appear on the deals page. No additional action is needed from you.

Shoppers can access the deals page by searching “shop deals.” They can look for deals in specific categories by searching “shop electronic deals” for example.

Manage promotions on Chrome

You can also show your promotions to shoppers who use the Chrome browser:

  • On the Chrome New Tab page, as part of a new experience showing recent activity across the web. This can help to bring users back to your site to finish a purchase.
  • In the Chrome address bar: Promotions are shown on the right end of the address bar and while a shopper is browsing your website.

Learn more about Eligibility and how to manage these types of promotions in Chrome.

Create and manage promotions with third-party partners (US only)

If you have a Shopify or WooCommerce account, you can connect your product discounts from these platforms with your Merchant Center account to show your promotions for your products on Google. You don’t have to create your promotions through your Merchant Center account if you use this feature. Learn more about Managing your promotions through third-party partners.

Automated promotions feed

The automated promotions feed helps you automatically share your live promotions with Google without having to manually create them in your Merchant Center account.

Google will extract eligible live promotions from your products’ webpages (also referred to as the Product Detail page) so that they will be automatically showcased on free product listings and Shopping ads on Google.

Learn how to Manage Automated promotions feed.

Note: This feature is currently in a closed beta stage for merchants in the US and not all websites are eligible for automated promotions.

Create and manage promotions on the Knowledge Panel on Search

Google may display your online offers on the Knowledge Panel while a user browses your business on Google Search. This helps users easily locate the best deals for your business.

You can show promotions about your business on the knowledge panel on Google Search by adding a promotion in Google Merchant Center. Learn more about how to Create a promotion.

If you don’t want your promotion to display on the knowledge panel on Google Search, you can edit the promotion by unselecting the free listings destination within Merchant Center. Learn more on how to Edit a promotion.

Eligibility: Only select businesses in the US who have a Knowledge Panel on Desktop and live promotions in Google Merchant Center are currently eligible. No actions are required for the promotions to show on Google Search.


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