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About branding assets for Buy on Google

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By adding branding assets, you can help customers remember your brand and build trust in your business.

This article gives you an overview of the branding assets that can be added to Buy on Google to promote your business’ brand. Learn how to create branding assets for Buy on Google

How it works

You may have up to 3 branding assets on your store page:

  • Round logo for Buy on Google: This is the full size logo artwork, which represents the brand on larger featured areas like the merchant page and appears as small as 40 px.
  • Favicon for Buy on Google: This is an abbreviated version of the logo, containing 1-2 letters or an icon and appears on small UI layouts as small as 16 px.
  • Banners for Buy on Google: This is a photographic representation of the merchant inventory or brand, displayed on the merchant page or feature modules.

Add all 3 branding assets to customize your page and help users identify your brand from other retailers.

Note: You'll have a default logo assigned to when you set up your Buy on Google store, but you can add your own logo if you prefer.

Round logo for Buy on Google requirements

To be eligible to appear on Buy on Google, your round logo must meet the following requirements:

Image requirements

  • Solid circular logo and favicon with no additional text
  • Transparent background outside of the circle
  • High resolution
  • No background photo
  • No outline or edge detail on circle

Square logos within the circle background are acceptable as long as the square fits the specified safe areas defined in the logo and favicon guidelines.

Format requirements (logo only)

  • Logo size: 5 MB (maximum)
  • File types: PNG, SVG
  • Dimensions: 768 x 768 pixels
  • Make sure to follow the requirements if you want to have your branding assets approved by Google. To make sure that you submit your assets in the correct format, you may refer to the below examples of acceptable and unacceptable logos.


Acceptable logos

Circular logo

Colored background

Clear text

No outline

No background photo, only graphic elements

Unacceptable logos

Non-circular logo

Transparent background

Fine details, illegible text

Fine outline

Background photo


Your logo should fill the available space.

Acceptable logos

Good size

Unacceptable logos

Logo is too small, not filling the space

Logos safe area (recommended)

Keep your logo within the recommended "safe area".

Safe area


Not recommended


Your logo can include the specified safe area as part of the design.

Circular brand mark logo
Acceptable Banners

Background is darker than #ccccc

Logo is not dominant

No promotion, slogan only

Photographic representation

Unacceptable Banners

Background is lighter than #ccccc

Logo only

Promotion, watermark


Once you create your branding assets, you’ll need to upload them to your Merchant Center account. Go to the “Business information” section of your account, select "Branding", then click the Color and logos for Buy on Google drop down menu.

Note: Your branding assets must be approved by Google before they can appear on Buy on Google. Because of this review period, there may be a short delay between when you upload and when you’ll see them live. When they’re approved, you’ll see a “live” symbol next to the asset in your account. You’re responsible for making sure that your branding assets do not infringe on the IP of others.

Need help? Click here to contact Buy on Google support.

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