Shopping Actions participation criteria

Shopping Actions US + Shopping Actions France

Shopping Actions is currently available in France and the United States. There are certain criteria your store and products will need to meet in order to participate in the program in each country. 

This article explains the program policies for each country where Shopping Actions is available.

Choose the country where you participate in Shopping Actions.

To participate in Shopping Actions US, you’ll need to meet the following participation criteria:

  • Availability in the US. You’ll need to have a US fulfillment and returns operations and a legally registered business in the US.
  • Inventory free of restricted products and services. A selected number of product categories are not supported on Shopping Actions at this time.
  • Meet returns and customer support standards and policies.
  • Compliance with all other Shopping Actions policies.
  • Compliance with all other Shopping ads policies. You'll need to adhere to Shopping ads policies, with a Shopping ads account free of violations and with good product health.


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