Local inventory ads: inventory verifications

The ads and free listings that show your local products connect online shoppers with your store. They display your available inventory to people who are searching nearby for the things you offer.

To help you provide a great omni-channel experience, we conduct an initial inventory verification to make sure shoppers find the products shown as available in your store.

Initial Inventory Verification


To get started with the local inventory ads feature, we’ll work with you to schedule inventory verification visits to a small number of your stores. During these visits, we’ll verify that the information displayed on local inventory ads and free local product listings matches your store's inventory and price. To complete these visits, we partnered with a team of retail inventory specialists called RGIS LLC.

What will the Inventory Verification team be doing during their visit?

The Inventory Verification team (1-3 people) will:

  • Introduce themselves to the store manager upon arrival.
  • Check a list of items during their one-day visit.
  • Work independently and will not need any assistance until the end of the day when they will review items that were found to be out of stock with the store manager.

The Inventory Verification team will not:

  • Take pictures of products nor remove them from their shelf location.
  • Need access to the back room unless you identify this as necessary to successfully check for price and availability of items.
  • Interrupt normal store operations.

What dates/times?

We’ll work with you to ensure visits are scheduled during times that work best for each store. Google will always try to minimize any impact on peak selling days and hours.

Ongoing Inventory Verification


Once you have launched the local inventory ads feature, it is important that Google helps you ensure that your local data remains accurate over time. Thus, Google will be conducting ongoing inventory verifications for all participating retailers. In an effort to minimize store impact, Google uses a combination of phone and in store verifications. During phone verifications, a Google operator will call a small number of stores to ask about the availability and price of 2-3 items. When additional in store verifications are required, the procedure is the same as the initial inventory verification outlined above.

Why is this important?

Inventory systems and feeds can change over time and data can be affected. For example, additional stores and products can be added to feeds or in-store stock and price update procedures can change.

What will the impact be to stores?

We want to minimize impact to your stores. The team will ask about the availability and price of 2-3 items mimicking a customer who is calling in after seeing the product advertised with a local inventory ad. The team will make the conversation as brief as possible and if the store employees say they are busy, the team will end the call. Also, items will not be put on hold. The calls will be spread across all stores to prevent any single store from receiving all the calls.

What dates/times?

Google will not be calling during peak holiday shopping days. Google will also avoid calling during peak selling times of the day and week. Also, as data is gathered every quarter, retailers with good results will be called even less.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ls-partner-support@google.com or visit our Help Center.

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