Preemptive Item Disapprovals: Missing or invalid microdata price

What's the problem?

The price for one or more of your items couldn't be determined, because of missing or incorrect microdata,  and the items are therefore disapproved.

We call this "preemptive item disapproval," because we err on the side of caution and suspend items that also are likely to have the same issue. Until you resolve all issues related to this requirement, these items will remain disapproved as a precautionary measure. Learn more about preemptive item disapproval.

Why should you fix this?

We verify the price information in your product data using price microdata on your product landing pages. To ensure that the information shown to people who are shopping on Google is correct, we compare the  price visible to people visiting your landing page to the price microdata. When you provide correct price information using microdata on the product landing page, your item can appear in Shopping ads.

How can you fix this?

  1. From the Diagnostics page, download a report on the items disapproved for this issue.
  2. For each item, review your item's landing page on your website to make sure that the microdata for price is present and matches what's shown to people shopping on your landing page. 
  3. Once we have successfully crawled your website's landing pages, this disapproval in the Diagnostics page can be removed. Keep in mind that items that were preemptively disapproved will be automatically checked daily and if the issues has been resolved, the item will return to approved status. You don't need to request a manual review.
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