Submit your feeds via review aggregators

For merchants submitting reviews via aggregators

If you are a merchant that would like to send your Product Ratings data via one of our approved aggregators, first sign up by using the interest form. Google will then work with the aggregator directly for the feed setup and ongoing feed management.

Note: The initial setup process usually takes between 2-6 weeks when working with an approved aggregator. Once this process is complete, you will you hear back from us.

For aggregators

If you are an approved Google Product Ratings aggregator, you can use the information below to format and upload Product Ratings feeds on behalf of your clients.

Note: If you are not an approved product ratings aggregator and you are interested in helping your merchant customers show their reviews to Google users, please submit a Product Ratings Partnership Request. We'll respond to your request within 2 weeks.

File type

Set up Product Ratings feeds as an XML file. A single XML file should contain multiple reviews.

There are two types of Product Ratings feeds:

  • A full feed is a complete, self-contained set of reviews.

A merchant cannot start participating in the Product Ratings program without a full feed.

  • Incremental feed contains new reviews that were not provided in the most recent full feed, or in any of the subsequent incremental feeds.

An incremental feed may use the <deleted_reviews> element to indicate specific reviews from previous fetches that should be removed. The full feed should not use the <deleted_reviews> element.

Feed prerequisites

These are the prerequisites for submitting a feed:

  • You must host your own XML feed, and the URL of your file location must begin with http://,  https://, ftp://, or sftp://.
  • You can supply a single XML file or multiple XML files compressed into a .zip file.
  • Under no circumstances may the size of a single XML file exceed 100 MB, even if it is contained in a .zip file. A .zip file containing multiple XML files may be over 100 MB in size. Any single XML file that exceeds the 100 MB size limit will not be processed.
  • Each single file must be a fully-contained, valid XML file. Refer to the feed specifications for details on what each XML file should include.
  • You can secure your files with a username and password using either BASIC or DIGEST authentication (NTLM is not supported).
  • To ensure that Google retrieves a complete snapshot of your data and does not download incomplete files, follow these guidelines when posting files to your FTP/HTTP server:
  1. For Unix-based systems:
    • Create your feed in a directory from which Google does not fetch content.
    • Once your feed is ready, create a symbolic link in a directory from which Google does fetch content. The symbolic link should point to the newly created feed.
  2. For Windows-based systems:
    • Create your feed in a directory from which Google does not fetch content, on the same drive as the share location.
    • Once your feed is ready, move the feed to the share location.

Full feeds are required and must be refreshed on a schedule defined by you and provided to Google as part of the feed setup. In addition, you may provide incremental feeds containing any changes that occur between full feed refreshes. Incremental feeds are practical for environments with large reviews databases, where frequent refreshes of the full data set are taxing on computing and network resources. The following are recommended frequency options for full and incremental feeds:

  • Monthly full feed, with optional weekly or daily incremental feed.
  • Weekly full feed, with optional daily incremental feed.
  • Daily full feed.
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