New shipping settings launched

We’ve improved the way you configure your shipping settings in Google Merchant Center.

Why we made these changes: We’ve designed the new shipping settings to align with the way you interact with shipping outside of Merchant Center.

What it means for you: No changes are needed for your current shipping settings, and new shipping services are now easier to set up. Learn more

What’s changing

There are several key concepts that are changing with the new shipping settings experience. 

Shipping services
Shipping settings will revolve around the concept of a “service” instead of a “method”. The new service is designed to reflect shipping services that you use regularly, like ground shipping or express shipping. For example, you can define the time in transit for a service, such as 3-7 days for ground shipping service in the US.

Shipping groups
Configure shipping rates for different groups inside a single service. Shipping groups offer the ability to define groups of products inside a service, based on shipping label attribute values.

Rate tables
Improved rate tables have eliminated the need for complex shipping rules. You’re now able to define rates for a service based on various dimensions using a table in the shipping settings.

Advanced settings
For cases that may not fit the rate table, or when two dimensions are not enough, you can access advanced functionality right from the main rate table. Example: Use automatic carrier rates for a certain configuration

Postal code location groups
Location groups have changed to be based exclusively on postal codes. Configurations that use location groups based on regions (e.g. a state) will now use tables that explicitly reference the region instead of the location group. Existing location groups based on cities or states will stay as read-only groups and can be referenced in the product data.


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Posted June 2016 | Merchant Center Announcements
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