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Import your BigCommerce products to Merchant Center

 You can link Google Merchant Center to your existing BigCommerce store account and automatically import your data for use on Google Shopping. Updated information from your store on BigCommerce will continuously update in Merchant Center without any additional work.

Before you begin

Set up your products in your store’s control panel in BigCommerce:

Enable each of your products for Google Shopping and fill out the remaining information that's required for each product for Google Shopping. For example, you’ll need to provide a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or other unique product identifiers or indicate that the product has no unique product identifiers. 

For detailed steps about how to configure your BigCommerce account for Google Shopping, visit the BigCommerce Google Shopping Guide.

For the security of your data, we only support websites with a valid SSL certificate. The Google Shopping app isn't supported for multi-client or aggregator accounts. 

Install the Google Shopping app

Install the Google Shopping app on BigCommerce to start sharing your product data with Merchant Center. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be asked to create or sign into your Merchant Center account. 

Install the app

The Google Shopping app is available in the Apps section of your BigCommerce store. To navigate to the app from inside of BigCommerce: 

  1. Go to the Apps page
  2. Use the search bar to find the Google Shopping app
  3. Click Learn more
  4. Click Install
  5. Follow the launch prompts to create or sign into your Merchant Center account

Note: If you've already signed up for Merchant Center, the Google Shopping app will automatically connect to your account.

Create a Merchant Center account

In order to use Google Merchant Center you must first sign up for an account with Google. Follow the prompts to create a Merchant Center account. If you don't already have a Google account, additional prompts will appear to guide you through Google account sign up. 
When you create your Merchant Center account through the Google Shopping app, you'll be prompted to complete the following:

  • Configure your account and select a business location.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Claim and verify your e-commerce site. Google will attempt to automatically verify with an HTML meta tag that will be added to your site.
  • Create a feed.
  • Map the products in the store to Google Shopping attributes.

Manage your linked account

Once you've linked your Merchant Center and BigCommerce accounts, you can unlink your accounts at any time in the E-commerce section of Account Linking, located under the 3-dot icon in Merchant Center.

If you unlink your BigCommerce and Merchant Center accounts, your BigCommerce data will be removed from your Merchant Center account.

Map and import your BigCommerce items

Some of your BigCommerce store product attributes and features might not match the Google Shopping feed specification requirements. Attribute mapping makes it possible for you to export  your product data from BigCommerce and map your attributes and values to meet the feed specification requirements in Google Merchant Center.  

On the attribute mapping page, you may be prompted to provide source fields for important attributes used in Google Shopping, and map unrecognized values to ones that are supported by Google.  Use the dropdowns to map and assign supported attributes and values to your product database when it's imported in Merchant Center.

After the feed has been created, you can adjust the attribute mapping with Feed Rules. Learn more 

If you already have a Merchant Center account,  you’ll need to register a feed in your account and use the suggested attribute mapping to transform your product data. Every time you update your product information in BigCommerce, it will be imported automatically into Merchant Center through this registered feed.

Registering an e-commerce platform feed

You can register a feed from the Feeds page under the Products section in your Merchant Center account by selecting the plus button at the top of the page or from the E-commerce section by clicking the plus button next to the link for your BigCommerce account.

Registering your feed from the E-commerce section will take you to a feed registration page with BigCommerce automatically selected. If you register your feed from the Feeds page, be sure to select E-commerce platform imports as your input method.

Learn more about how to register a data feed.

Note: You must link your Merchant Center account to your BigCommerce account before you can enable the BigCommerce import option. You can only set up one BigCommerce import per country.  

Additional requirements

Complete the steps below to finish the setup of your BigCommerce products and get your Shopping ads running on Google:

  • Set up a Shopping campaign. A Shopping campaign will allow you to create, manage, optimize, and report on your ads. You'll need an AdWords account that's linked to your Merchant Center account in order to set up your campaigns for Google Shopping. You can create a new account from Merchant Center, get started at, or use an existing AdWords account.

  • Review the Diagnostics page. After your data has processed, you can review any issues with your account, feed, or items in your Merchant Center account by clicking on the Diagnostics page. We recommend prioritizing any errors first, since these prevent your items from appearing on Google Shopping. If any of the issues are related to missing or incorrect product data, such as an invalid GTIN, you’ll need to update that information from the Google Shopping tab in your BigCommerce account.
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