Images with promotional text or logos

What's the problem?

Some of your items have images with promotional text (e.g. retailer logos or calls to action) or obstructing elements such as watermarks. These items will remain disapproved until you have updated their images.

Please review our images policy for additional requirements.

Why should you fix this?

Since clear images of a product are a key part of the buying decision of online shoppers, all items on Shopping ads require an unobstructed image that does not contain additional promotional elements.

How can you fix this?

A list of items that are currently disapproved can be found in the downloadable report on the Diagnostics page. Please review and update these items with appropriate image links. The quickest way to update your images is to change the URL provided by the 'image link' attribute to point to the correct product image; keeping the URL the same and serving different content will lead to a longer time before your items are updated, as we only fetch images every couple of weeks. You can force a faster fetch of the image by changing the image URL provided by the 'image link' attribute.

Disapproved items will show up on Shopping ads again after you have uploaded a revised feed with correct image links and we have verified the accuracy of the new images. This may take up to 7 days if the image links are changed.

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