How to fix: Insufficient match of microdata price information

Automatic item updates for price are currently not available for your account in the selected country because the prices you submit in your product data and the prices in the microdata on your product landing pages differ too often. This can be caused by several factors, including not updating your product data on Google (compared to your website) often enough, or systematically different prices.

When automatic item updates are enabled, the price information in your product data on Google will be updated automatically based on the price microdata on your product landing pages.

To ensure that updates are done correctly and the information shown is correct, we require a minimum match level between your product data on Google and the microdata on your landing pages. If this requirement is not met we stop automatically updating products until the match level has reached the required minimum.

Please note that automatic item updates isn't a replacement for frequent updates of your product data on Google. It is designed to fix problems with your price or availability accuracy for your products. If too many of your products appear to be inaccurate, automatic item updates will stop working and your entire account will be at risk of suspension. If you perform frequent updates of individual products you might want to consider the use of the Content API instead of data feeds.


Step 1: See account impact

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Products on the navigation menu and then click Diagnostics.
  3. Open the Account issues tab.
  4. To see more information, hover over the question mark icon next to the message and it will reveal the percentage of crawls with a price mismatch.

Step 2: Review and update your microdata

Review the microdata on your website. Check for mismatches between your microdata and your Merchant Center product data. You can use the Rich Results Tool to help you debug any issues. Note that providing incorrect microdata on your product landing pages is a violation of our web developer guidelines.

Note: Price mismatches may be due to sales prices. When a product is available at a discounted price this needs to be reflected in the microdata and in your product data on Google.

Another common source of mismatches are price ranges and variants. If there are multiple variants shown on the landing page, you can use the ID [id] or the GTIN [gtin] attribute to specify which variant a price corresponds to. Learn more about structured data markup for Merchant Center

Step 3: Resubmit your data

Resubmit your data and continue to provide accurate information matching between your microdata, website, and data feed. Google will continue crawling your website to compare the data in your feed and when we're sure that the issues are fixed, AIU will become active again. This may take several weeks.
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