Confirm your promotion status

This article explains each promotion status, how to fix rejected promotions, and how to stop a promotion. You will also learn about Google’s promotion approval process.

You can confirm the status of your promotions in the Promotions dashboard of your Merchant Center account. The Promotions dashboard shows promotions that have been approved, rejected, or are still under review. 

View the Promotions dashboard

To view the Promotions dashboard, sign in to your Merchant Center account and select Promotions in the left-hand navigation:


Note: If you do not see the Promotions section, talk to your Merchant Promotions contact or fill out the Merchant Promotions interest form.

If a promotion is approved and visible, it's eligible to appear with your Shopping ads. If it wasn't approved, it may be under review or rejected.

Promotion statuses

Promotion statuses for Merchant Promotions are defined as follows:

Under review 

Your promotion is pending review. If your promotion is un-reviewed for more than 24 hours, it may be that the promotion start date (i.e. promotion_effective_date) is either incorrectly set or has not been reached. 


A promotion must pass 2 types of checks to be approved and set live:

  1. Policy: Your promotion complies with Merchant Promotions Editorial requirements and Program policies.
  2. SKU: Your promotion works as described on your website, so it has been approved and is eligible for display.


Your promotion was not approved for one or more reasons. The speech bubble more informationnext to the "Rejected" status in your Merchant Center account provides more details about why your promotion was rejected and how to fix any errors. 

Once you have corrected the issues, use the “Request a retest” link to send a promotion for re-review. Promotions will go live only after the SKU is approved.


Your promotion was stopped permanently and will not be visible on or Shopping ads.

Note: Stopped or expired promotions are removed from your Promotions dashboard one year after the expiration date. Stopped promotions can't be restarted. 

For prompt promotion display, review the following: 


A promotion is expired once it has reached its end date. Once expired, the promotion will not be visible on or Shopping ads. Expired promotions can't be reactivated, so you must submit a new promotion.



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