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What's the policy?

Google Shopping doesn't allow the copying or distribution of copyrighted material unless you have consent from the copyright holder, or are otherwise permitted by law. To send us proof that you have the necessary rights to the copyrighted material, please fill out our copyright documentation form.

To learn more about how we handle copyright issues within the Google Shopping program or to submit a copyright-related complaint, please view the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and our copyright policy and procedures. It is Google's policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

We've created this policy to help ensure the Google Shopping program isn't used to support activities that infringe copyrights.


Product Listing/Website Allowed? Reason
Physical copies of backed-up versions of CDs, DVDs, or software Not allowed Not allowed Google doesn't allow the promotion of unauthorized copies of physical media containing copyrighted works.
Blu-ray or DVD rippers, burners, or converters for the duplication of copy-protected movies, music, TV shows, commercial software, or games Not allowed Not allowed Google doesn't allow rippers or disc copiers that include features like the ability to decrypt DVDs or Blu-ray discs, remove copy protections, or make discs unrestricted and region-free. This includes unauthorized decryption of discs protected with AACS, CSS, CPRx, or other copy protection mechanisms. Software solely promoted to help users create/copy home movies and other unprotected personal DVDs and CDs are allowed.
The work of independent artists, record labels, or other content creators. Allowed Allowed Google allows the promotion of this product.

What you can do

Here's more detail about each violation and what you can do if your item is disapproved or your Merchant Center account is warned or suspended:


Item disapproval

Items that don't comply with this policy may be disapproved. When an item is disapproved, it won't be eligible to serve on Google Shopping. If the item does not comply with Google Shopping policies, it should be removed from your product data.

In some instances, you’ll see the option to request a review of an item that has been disapproved for policy violations. If you believe your item was incorrectly disapproved and would like to request a manual review, click on "Why is this item disapproved" from the individual item page in the Products tab to initiate a review. Learn more about item disapprovals for policy violations and requesting a review.

Account disapproval

For most violations, we will send you a warning email detailing the policy violation and give you 7 days to update your product data.

  1. Read the policy above to learn what we don't allow.
  2. Check country-specific requirements. If applicable, you will find the requirements by country in the policies above.
  3. Remove the violating items from your product data. Details about the violation are included in the email we sent to your technical contact, including examples from your product data. If you have additional items in your data that violate the same policy but aren't included in the email, you'll need to remove those too.
  4. Update your product data in Google Merchant Center.
    • If you created a schedule for automatic uploads, update your product data manually or wait for your product data to be automatically updated before requesting a review.
    • Product data that has been uploaded as a test will not go live and is not considered during account reviews.
  5. Request a review of your account.
    • If your account is still within the warning period, it will automatically be reviewed again at the end of the warning period. Once the violating items are removed, you don't need to request an account review or take any additional action.
    • If your account is suspended, you’ll need to request an account review.
      Request a review

Most accounts are reviewed within 3 working days, though some can take longer if they need a more complex review. If we find that you've removed the violating products from your product data, we’ll remove the warning, or, in the case of account suspension, we'll approve your account to start running.

How to prevent this in the future?

Take time to understand the policy. Using the policy explanation and examples of prohibited products, consider ways that you can ensure your product data is clean in the future. Prevent the upload of products from certain categories, brands, keywords, or images and by identifying similar products or product categories that might violate the Google Shopping policies.

Contact information

You can contact us by selecting the category related to your question. Select the option to sign in to your Merchant Center account to see all of your contact options.

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