Submit data feeds via Google Spreadsheet

You can use Google spreadsheets to provide us with data which will be directly incorporated into your Google Merchant Center account. You can either update the existing template that we provide or submit a Google spreadsheet that you create to upload your feed information. To use this format:


  1. Sign into your Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Click on New Data Feed or New Test Data Feed and provide the target country, format, data feed file name and check the checkbox next to I want to use Google spreadsheet to store, edit and upload my feed. Please do not check this option if you are using a Tab-Delimited or XML file to provide us your items.
    • Please note that the data feed file name can be any name you choose, and it will be the name used to display and identify your feed in your Merchant Center account.
  3. You can use one of the following options to upload your data using a spreadsheet.
    • Please generate a template feed for me:
    • Select this radio button to use a Google supplied template and save changes.
    • You will be directed to the Data feeds page where you must select Edit spreadsheet to update this template with your feed data.
    • Once you finish updating the spreadsheet with the required data, return to the Data Feeds page and click on Upload now to start feed processing.
    • I want to use an existing Google spreadsheet which contains my product information:
    • Select this radio button to provide us a spreadsheet created by you.
    • To use this option, you will first have to create a Google Spreadsheet in your current Google account, populate it with items and make sure it's viewable to everyone with a link.
    • A popup will appear on your screen, and from the menu, select the spreadsheet you would like to insert. You will then be directed back to the data feed registration page.
    • Save changes to complete feed registration.
    • To start feed processing, click on Upload now next to the recently registered data feed.
    • You can also set up a scheduled fetch much like the scheduled fetch feature of a classic feed. Click on Schedule and fetch now to process your data feed.
  • If you are providing us with a spreadsheet, ensure that the information provided is in a language specific to the country the feed is targeted to. Please visit our target country requirements to learn more.
  • The spreadsheet should be viewable to everyone with a link. Please note that the information provided in this link will be visible to all who have the link.
  • To chose another spreadsheet, click on Settings under the data feed file name. On the data feeds settings page, use the Change Spreadsheet button to select a different spreadsheet.
  • You can use the existing template that we provide to update your feed information.
  • It’s simple to create and update as content is uploaded directly from the information given in the spreadsheet.
  • You cannot use this format to upload a large volume of data. The Google spreadsheets format can’t be used for files larger than 20MB and these files must contain fewer than 400,000 total cells and 256 columns per sheet.