Beginner's Guide

Set up your account

Once you create a Merchant account, please tell us general information about your business from the Settings page under General. Please provide the following information in your General settings:

Website Information

If you want to add a Website URL, your URL must begin with http:// (or https://) and include your full domain name. You will have to verify and claim your website URL in your Google Merchant Center account settings. Any links that you include in your feed must match the domain you've registered.

For example, to submit a file containing this URL: you would need to register this site:

If you have more than one domain for which to submit items, you'll need to set up a Multi-Client Account.

Business Information

  • Store name is required and must conform to the Google Merchant Center Store name guidelines.
  • You can provide your business address and phone number here.
  • The country or territory that you selected when you created your Google Merchant Center account cannot be changed.

Customer Service Information

  • Please provide the contact information for customer service inquiries.
Private Contact Information

  • Your contact information will not be displayed publicly, but Google will use this information to contact you if necessary.
  • Google will use your listed technical contact to reach out to you regarding data quality or policy violations, so please make sure this is current.