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Beginner's Guide

Set up your account

Provide basic details about your business in the Business information section of Merchant Center. You can find Business information in the navigation panel in your Merchant Center account. This information is used in different Merchant Center programs, such as Shopping ads.

Add your business information

Business Information

Google uses the business information you submit to display to users who view your products online.  

  • Business display name: The name of your business or store. The business display name must adhere to the store name guidelines and is displayed on your ads.
  • Website: The domain that hosts your products. Your URL must begin with http:// (or https://) and include your full domain name.
  • Business address: The location of your headquarters or where your business is registered. 
  • Primary contact: The primary contact information for your Merchant Center account. Updates regarding  your Merchant Center account as well as feed errors and warnings will be sent to this email address, unless indicated otherwise. Your contact information won’t be displayed publicly. 
  • Technical contact (optional): The technical contact information for your Merchant Center account. This point of contact is used to send updates (as indicated) following data feed processing. Your contact information won’t be displayed publicly. 
  • Customer service contact (optional): The customer service contact email, url, and number from your website. 


Verify and claim your website URL in the Website page under Business information. Use this page to claim your website URL and go to Business information to update your URL.  

Note: Your product landing page link must match the domain you've registered in Merchant Center. If your site is, the ‘link’ attribute needs to include URLs like

In most cases, the best URL to enter is the top-level URL of your site, e.g. If you use a sub-host of path to host your store, it will need to be included in your URL e.g.

Website URL requirements

The website URL used in your Merchant Center account must meet the following requirements:

  • Start with either http:// or https://
  • No IP addresses are allowed, e.g.
  • No ports are allowed, e.g.
  • No fragments are allowed, e.g.
  • Follows the Merchant Center guidelines for website requirements

If you want to submit items for more than one domain, you'll need to set up a Multi-Client Account.

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Policy changes

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