Create an account with Google Local Shopping

Local Shopping is currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, Japan, France, Germany

Thanks for your interest in Local Shopping. Please note that we have made the following changes to the account creation process:
For all countries: We are currently only working with selected partners.

Before you can get started with Google Local Shopping, you need:

Step 1: Apply for a Local Shopping account

Once you have your Google Merchant Center and Google Places accounts, contact your Google Sales Representative. If your business qualifies, they will enable your Google Merchant Center account for local listings.

Step 2: Enable the Local Shopping setting

Once your account has been enabled by your Google Sales Representative, you’ll find the tab Local shopping under Settings:

  1. Under the Local account header, enable your account for local shopping by clicking on the checkbox Enable local shopping.
  2. Under the Google Places header, link your Google Merchant Center account to your Google Places account by entering the login email address of your Google Places account.
  3. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Confirm your Local Shopping settings

  1. Go to the Data feeds tab of your Merchant Center account to confirm that the settings have taken effect.
  2. Click New data feed. You should now see 3 new options in the Type drop-down menu: "Business Listings", "Local Products", and "Product Inventory Update".

Next Step: Business Listing Data:

  • This is where you will provide basic information about your business, such as addresses and phone numbers.