Target Country

A target country is the country where the products included in your data feed are sold and will be shipped. The items uploaded to a selected target country must meet the requirements for the target country you submit to, including the feed specifications and policies. For example, your product data and landing pages need to meet the language and currency requirements for your target country.

  • This is the country of sale in a Shopping campaign.
  • Google might show your offers to users from a country even if you have excluded this country from your targeting options in AdWords (e.g. using the advanced location option) with the goal to provide a good user experience to this user interested in products sold outside their country. If you are not targeting a country in AdWords, clicks from that country will be free.
  • Shopping ads are in beta for some target countries. Performance and traffic may vary significantly from the other Shopping target countries and the beta target countries. Learn more about the status of beta target countries. 

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