What does "Disapproved" mean?

Your product data has been disapproved, and your items aren't being displayed in our search results.

Feed specialists disapprove content due to errors or non-compliance with our Google Merchant Center Programme Policies.

In the case of account suspensions, you should have received an email detailing these errors and instructions on how to fix them to the technical contact listed in your Merchant Center account. Please fix the errors mentioned in your email and then upload an updated version of your feed. Otherwise, your items won't be shown in our results. If you haven't received an email requesting changes to your feed or if you have questions about how to fix your feed, contact us.

We also review your individual items submitted via data feeds and the Content API for Shopping regularly. If we detect that the data that you provide does not match the product information on your website, we may disapprove these items temporarily. This will prevent the item from appearing on Google Shopping. Please review any disapproved items and ensure that you submit accurate product data. After a disapproved item has been updated with accurate information and uploaded again, we will review the item again. It can take up to 12 hours to verify that an item has been fixed.

Please see explanations based on certain common Merchant Center error messages below:

"Title or description of the offer contains words not allowed by our policies."

  • Certain words in your title or description may indicate that your content is not Family Safe. If your site is associated with adult-related content, you must identify it as non-family safe in order for your products to show properly in Google Shopping results.
  • Your title or description may contain Promotional Text, which is in violation of our Programme Policies.

"The URL specified in your data feed wasn't working correctly when we reviewed this item."

  • Our system received a time stamp and error code (404, 500, etc.) when trying to access your product page. This could be because your server was down when we tried to access your site.
  • If you have a robots.txt file, please ensure that the user-agent "googlebot" is not being blocked from the directory containing your item pages.
  • Invalid characters may be misread, causing the product page to load incorrectly.

"This account appears to have been retired."

  • The sub-account that you are trying to access has been deleted from your Multi-Client Account.

If you are submitting a data feed created by a third party, which has been disapproved multiple times, please contact the service provider that for help with resolving the issue with your feed.