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About apparel virtual try-on

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Google's new virtual try-on tool lets you view how clothes look on real people of different sizes and shapes. Users select one of 40 models, from XXS to XXXL, and Google can accurately show how a piece of clothing drapes, clings and stretches, and even shows the wrinkles and shadows. Google hopes to help consumers visualise how certain items will look on models that best resonate with them, and make informed choices that will increase their buying confidence and ideally reduce returns for brands.

This animation demonstrates how the virtual try-on tool is used for apparel.

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All brands with a shopping feed and high-quality imagery are automatically opted in to clothing try-on. Ensure that your imagery meets the below requirements:

  • Add high resolution images that are at least 512 x 512 pixels, but ideally 1024 pixels or higher.
  • The image should feature one garment on one front-facing model or mannequin in a simple pose.

Image best practices

To increase the probability of enabling try-on for your products, follow these best practices for your product images:

  • The image should contain only the listed garment
  • The image should show the entire garment
  • Garment must be on a model or mannequin, don't lay it flat
  • Models should be facing directly forwards with arms down to the side
  • Garment details should not be covered by hands, handbags or accessories

For tops:

  • Sleeves should be rolled down
  • Hoodies should have the hood down
  • Zips should be closed
  • Tops should be untucked


What if I don't view this feature for my brand on Search?

Google is continuously working to improve our coverage. As we do so, the number of brands for whom this feature appears will increase, as will the number and types of garments for which the feature triggers on the search results page.

What if my brand doesn't sell products in XXS–XXXL?

Google will only show the correct range of model sizes that are consistent with each brand's available inventory and production.

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