Submit data feeds via Automatic Upload (Scheduled Fetch)

To create or edit a schedule for a data feed:

  1. Sign in to your Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the Data feeds tab. (Make sure that you've already registered your feed filename in your account.)
  3. Under the Upload column, click Create next to the data feed that you would like to schedule. If you’re editing a schedule, click Edit.
  4. Schedule the desired frequency, timing and location of your feed. (Important: The URL of your file location must begin with either http://, https://, ftp:// or sftp://).
  5. If your file requires a username and password to access, please enter the appropriate login information to allow Google to access your file.
  6. Click Save changes to complete the setup process.


  • The size of the file that you're scheduling must be less than 1 gigabyte (GB), and the user-agent "googlebot" cannot be blocked from the directory containing your feed.
  • Please ensure that the feed URL points directly to your data feed file in one of our supported file formats. Note that pointing to an HTML page of your website will cause the processing of your feed to fail.

  • Eligible file locations

    Google Merchant Center will support automatic scheduled uploads using the http, https, ftp or sftp protocols.

    • If you’re submitting via the ftp, http or https protocols, please be aware that username and password are optional fields and should be left empty if no username or password is required.
    • If you’re submitting via the sftp protocol, the username and password fields are required.
    • If you’re setting up an automatic upload (scheduled fetch) within Merchant Center, you cannot use Google’s FTP Server ( as your feed URL.

    Note: Automatic upload feature allows you to host your feed files on your servers. If you’re submitting information via FTP, your username and password refer to your server. This login information is different from the settings in the FTP Setting tab, where you specify the username and password required to access the FTP account hosted on Google.