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How to fix: Missing return and refund policy

Show a clear return and refund policy on your website. Make sure that you include your return process, refund process, and customer requirements (return window, product condition, reason for return). If you don't accept returns or refunds, clearly state that on your website.

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This policy applies to Shopping ads and local inventory ads with pick up today/later

We've detected that your website doesn't have a clear return and refund policy. For this reason, your account has been warned or disapproved, your ads have stopped showing, and/or your free listings have limited visibility.

Add your return policy information to your Shopping ads and free listings to improve the customer experience. You can share your return policy with Merchant Center manually, or use the Content API to share it automatically.


  1. Confirm that a return and refund policy is easily accessible by customers visiting your website.
  2. Make sure that your return and refund policy clearly states how you handle these actions, including all requirements and any timelines. For example:
    • Reason codes, warranties or exchanges
    • What the customer is required to do
    • Circumstances under which you offer returns and/or refunds
    • Timeframe in which you accept returns
    • When your customer can expect a refund
  3. Ensure the links to the return and refund policy are accessible.
  4. Ensure that the return and refund policy is consistent throughout your website (for example, in the footer, returns page, and web banner).
  5. When targeting your products to a specific country, use the official language of that country.
    • The return and refund policy should also be in the same language as the website.
  6. Ensure the policy is accessible to all users visiting your online store, without having to log-in, sign-up, or enter any personal information.

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