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Product length [product_length], product width [product_width], product height [product_height], product weight [product_weight]

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Use the product length [product_length], product width [product_width], product height [product_height], and product weight [product_weight] attributes to clearly communicate the measurements of the product you’re selling. These attributes can help customers find you and your products by improving the accuracy of search results.

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When to use

Optional Optional for each product

You can specify the dimensions and weight of the product by using the product length [product_length], product width [product_width], product height [product_height], and product weight [product_weight] attributes. If you want to specify dimensions or weight for carrier-calculated shipping rates, use the shipping length [shipping_length], shipping width [shipping_width], and shipping height [shipping_height] attributes or the shipping weight [shipping_weight] attribute.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure Google understands the data you're submitting. Learn when and how to submit your product data in English

Type Number plus measurement unit

Supported units

product_length: cm, in
: cm, in
: cm, in
: lb, oz, g, kg


1-3000 for cm and in

0-2000 for lb, oz, g, and kg

Note: Decimal values are supported for all measurement units
Repeated field No property

(What's this?)

Product.depth, Product.width, Product.height, Product.weight

Type: QuantitativeValue (specify properties value and unitCode or unitText)

Note that property Product.depth maps on attribute product_length.


File format Example entry
Text feeds 20 in
40 in
10 in
3.5 lb
XML feeds <g:product_length>20 in</g:product_length>
<g:product_width>40 in</g:product_width>
<g:product_height>10 in</g:product_height>
<g:product_weight>3.5 lb</g:product_weight>


To format your data for Content API, see the Content API for Shopping resource.

Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

  • Include as many of these product measurement attributes as possible.
  • Use the same unit of measurement for each product dimension attribute (including product length, width, and height). Otherwise, the information won't be displayed.
  • Use the actual assembled product weight for the product weight attribute. If your product comes in multiple pieces, for example, as part of a bundle, use the complete weight of all the pieces in the listing.

If you specified dimensions or weight in the product detail [product_detail] attribute as well, be sure they are using the same values and units.


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