Use the Inbox to manage Buy on Google orders

Use the Inbox to manage, review, and act on the most high-priority tasks for your Buy on Google orders. This Merchant Center feature can be found in the side navigation of the Order Details page, under the "Orders" section.

How it works

The Inbox allows users with admin and order management access to see the most important tasks for processing orders and act on them as quickly as possible.

Select a task in the table to act on it. Information about the task and actions available to complete it will be presented in a panel to the right. There will be a link to the Order Details page in the side panel if you need more information or if the preferred action is not available. Once a task is completed, it's removed from the table.

Task types

There are four types of tasks: Order, Refund, Return, and Tracking info. This information will be presented in the table and the context panel. The type of task also determines what order information and actions are present in the context panel.


Tasks of this type can include: new orders that need to be shipped, partially shipped orders, partially delivered orders, and cancellation requests. Cancellation requests can also include information from the customer about why they're canceling.


Refund tasks include returns that have arrived at your business and are ready to be refunded, and returns that are undeliverable.


Return tasks will only show if your account is set up for merchant managed returns (MMR). These requests are for creating return shipping labels. Additional information from the customer about why they're returning some or all order items can also be present in the context panel.

Tracking info

This task includes orders that have missing or invalid tracking information and orders that are undeliverable.

Organizing tasks

To better organize tasks, there are two filtering tiles: “Due today” and “Open requests.” Clicking on a tile will filter the results in the table below it. Further filtering can be applied by clicking on the filter icon in the table header. Tasks can be filtered by "Request type," "Task status," or "Respond by (date)".

Request type

Requests or tasks are categorized into four types: Order, Refund, Return, and Tracking info. Any number of request types can be selected in this filter. If none are selected, then all request types will be shown. Setting this filter will only show open tasks unless you also apply the task status filter to be closed.

Task status

Tasks can either be open or closed. All tasks in “Due today” and “Open requests” are open. Once a task is completed, it is considered closed. Closed tasks can only be viewed by applying the task status filter to “Closed”. The task status filter can be set to either “Open” or “Closed” but not both.

Respond by (date)

The "Respond by (date)" filter allows you to set a date range. The dates can be in the past, present, or future. Setting this filter will only show open tasks unless you also apply the task status filter to “Closed”.

Context panel

This panel contains information about the task and ways to complete it. By default, the context panel is not shown until a task is selected in the table. When a task is selected, the panel will show to the right of the table.

Information related to the selected task and request type will be shown to help determine the action needed. Quick action buttons that are specific to each request type will be available to complete the task. All actions provided in this panel will work similarly to the Orders page. If the panel doesn’t provide enough information or the required action is not available, you can click the View complete order link to go to the Orders page and complete the task there.

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