Use the remote for accessibility

You can use a remote with Chromebox for meetings. Use the keypad to call or invite someone to a meeting and to enter a meeting code.

Navigate Chromebox for meetings using the remote

  • To move around the Chromebox for meetings screen, use the arrows.
  • To highlight a feature, use arrows + space bar.
  • To expand the side panel, press Menu Menu.
  • Press and hold the left or right arrow to control the volume.

Turn spoken feedback on or off

On the remote control, hold down the Menu Menu key until the speech starts or stops.
A rising tone indicates the screen reader is on, and a falling tone indicates it’s off.

Display live captions on Chromebox for meetings

You can use the remote to turn on live captions, which show the text of the conversation on the screen during video meetings.

Use the settings menu with a remote

Find out how to use a remote to turn on Chromebox for meetings accessibility features.

Use a remote with classic Hangouts

If you use classic Hangouts, you can also use the high-contrast feature. This makes the main screen easier to read by removing the background image.

An accessibility notice appears when the device is in any accessibility mode. Using the arrows on the remote control, click Accessibility Accessibility to turn Accessibility mode off.

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