Download a list of devices

As an admin, you can export a list of your devices to Google Sheets or download the list as a CSV file. You might need a spreadsheet of devices for inventory counts or troubleshooting. The list contains values such as the device name, status, connected peripherals, OS version, and IP address.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Devicesand thenGoogle Meet hardware.
  3. In the Devices pane, click Download ""

  4. Choose if you want to export the list to Google Sheets or download a CSV.

  5. Click Download.
    A link appears in the top right, under Tasks "".

  6. Click the link to get the list.

Understand the list columns

Name Description
adminConsoleUrl Direct URL to the device page in Google Admin console
deviceId Device ID
deviceName Device name
status Provisioning status
orgUnitPath Organizational unit
model Hardware model
serialNumber Serial number
lastEnrollmentTime Enrollment or deprovision date and time
annotatedAssetId Custom field: Asset ID
annotatedUser Custom field: User
note Custom field: Note
annotatedLocation Custom field: Location
assignedCalendarResourceEmail Email address of assigned calendar resource
assignedCalendarGeneratedResourceName Name of assigned calendar resource
assignedRoomResourceName Room name of assigned calendar resource
assignedRoomBuilding Building name of assigned calendar resource
assignedRoomFloor Floor of assigned calendar resource
lastPeripheralReport Date and time of latest peripheral report
connectedCameras Connected cameras*
connectedSpeakers Connected speakers*
connectedMicrophones Connected microphones*
connectedTouchScreens Connected touchscreens*
defaultCamera Default camera
defaultSpeaker Default speaker
defaultMicrophone Default microphone
osVersion Chrome OS version
bootMode Boot mode
platformVersion Platform version
firmwareVersion Firmware version
wifiMacAddress Wi-Fi MAC address
ethernetMacAddress Ethernet MAC address
lastSync Last synchronized with policy settings
selectedCamera Selected camera
selectedSpeaker Selected speaker
selectedMicrophone Selected microphone
ipAddresses Active IP addresses

* Contains a JSON-encoded list of strings.

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