Install and enroll your devices (no Google Workspace)

First-time setup for organizations without Google Workspace

After you successfully sign in to your Google admin account and verify your organization’s domain, you can install and enroll your Google Meet hardware. Physical installation is followed by a quick online enrollment process that adds the device to your network.

Install and enroll your device

  1. Before you install your devices, make sure the following steps are complete:
    1. Using the provisioning information for your organization, place your order.
    2. From your welcome email instructions, verify your organization’s domain.
    3. Verify that your device licenses were added to your account .
    4. (Optional) To get a free Google Workspace trial, go to Sign up for a Google Workspace trial.
  2. Set up your device:
    1. Review the setup requirements to make sure the room, network, and other components are ready to go. 
    2. Install the device and wait for the Chrome OS auto-updates to complete. 
    3. Complete the on-screen wizard to enroll the device.

      After you successfully enroll the device, you’ll see a URL for the device’s page in the Google Admin console. Google Workspace customers use the URL to set up the device with Google Workspace apps and services.
  3. If you have problems during enrollment, review the following points:
    • If you haven’t changed your temporary password, you need to do so now. Sign in to the Google admin console to change your temporary password. Although you can change your password on the device, you’ll still get an error. Change your temporary password now in the Admin console before you proceed. 
    • Verify your domain. A network error will occur if your organization's domain was not verified with Google. For details, go to Verify your organization's domain.
    • Verify that your device licenses were provisioned. Go to Verify your organization's domain
  4. (Optional) To add video meetings to Microsoft Outlook, install the Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Troubleshoot device enrollment

Password and domain verification errors

If you did not sign in to the Google admin console to change your temporary password, it means that you have not accepted the Google Terms of Service (ToS) or registered your domain with Google. Although you can change the password on the device, you’ll still get errors for the other requirements. Complete the requirements now.

Network communication errors

If you attempt to enroll devices before verifying your network domain, you’ll see a "network communication error related to authentication" error. Verify your domain now.

Licenses not available

After you verify your domain, it might take up to 4 hours to provision the device licenses and add them to your account. Until then, an error will appear saying that you do not have enough licenses on your domain to enroll the device. Wait for the licenses to be added and try again.

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