Before you begin setup (no G Suite)

First-time setup for organizations without G Suite

If your organization does not use G Suite, you will receive a welcome email after completing your first order. This includes instructions to log in to your Google admin account and verify your organization’s domain name.

Do not skip this step! You must verify your organization’s domain name to enroll and manage your devices. Your domain is the unique name that appears after the @ sign in your company email address and after www. in your web site address. You must verify that you own this domain to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access your Google meeting room hardware or services.
You may receive your hardware before the welcome email. Do NOT install the hardware or enroll the devices until you complete the welcome email instructions, or errors will occur. The email is sent to the addresses you submitted with the order.

You can optionally sign up for a G Suite trial to unlock the full potential and features available with G Suite. Wait until after your order is complete and your domain name is verified to sign up. You'll receive a 12 month free G Suite trial (instead of the standard 30 days)! Learn more about the additional features available with G Suite.

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