Track and announce new hardware

These are sample deployment tools you can copy and paste to use in your Google meeting room hardware deployment.

Use sample deployment tools

Project spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets or another tool with columns that will help you track and deploy your devices. For example:

  • Region
  • Office
  • Location
  • Department
  • Conf Room/Resource Name
  • Room Size
  • Ethernet Port / Wireless
  • Device Serial #
  • Display Type with HDMI/DVI
  • Delivery Date
  • Enrollment Date
  • Installed Date
  • Verified Date
Announcement email 

Copy and paste the following email template into an editing tool, such as a Google Docs. Change all parts in red. Then send the email to your users to help them get familiar with Google meeting room hardware. (You can also use a variation of this email for Chromebase for meetings.)

Welcome to Google meeting room hardware

Email subject line: Welcome to Google meeting room hardware!

The [your company name] IT team would like to tell you about an exciting opportunity—communicating and collaborating with your colleagues using Google meeting room hardware! We are currently installing this solution in our conference rooms and want to let you know about the exciting features and possibilities.

What is Google meeting room hardware? Google meeting room hardware converts a traditional conference room into a video conferencing room. You can use the room system to make video calls with other rooms and people connecting from their laptops or mobile devices. Because strong communication is much more than just talking, video calls give you the chance to see colleagues’ reactions, gauge their non-verbals, and work together on projects.

Where is Google meeting room hardware available? We’ve set up Google meeting room hardware in these rooms:


You can now use one of these rooms to make calls to other rooms in the list. From a laptop or mobile device, you can use Google meeting room hardware to join video calls with these rooms.

How do I use Google meeting room hardware​ in these rooms? Google meeting room hardware is easy to use. There is a table mat in each room that goes over the basics.

Where can I get more information about Google meeting room hardware features?

Contact your system administrator or internal support help center. [Insert your organization’s help center contact info here]

Does this feature impact any of my other G Suite apps?

A small change will appear in your Google Calendar: you can now choose your meeting names. Just click Google Meet in Google Calendar. Google Calendar will suggest names, but meeting organizers can edit the name of the meeting. Joining a video call is still the same: you just click Join Hangouts Meet. But now you can enter the meeting name into a Google meeting room hardware device to join from a room or type the meeting name into

How can I send feedback about Google meeting room hardware​?

Because we’re in a test period, you might encounter a few glitches or issues. If you do, please let our IT support person know. We want to make sure that Google hears your feedback!


Hang these posters in your meeting spaces and conference rooms. Let users know videoconferencing is available and how to get started.


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