Deploy multiple devices

4. Install the devices (A/V integrator)

Physical device installation depends greatly on organization. While one organization may use a single internal or external technician to prepare the meeting rooms and install all equipment, other organizations will use (or require) multiple technicians for tasks such as electrical supply, wall mounting, cable installation, etc.

Customize the following general guidelines for the needs and requirements of your organization.

  1. Gather the connectors and accessories (network cables, extension cables, power cords), needed to complete a clean and organized setup.
  2. Gather the installation tools and supplies (screwdrivers, remote tether, velcro cable ties, etc.) needed to complete the installation.
  3. Obtain the project spreadsheet that maps the Google meeting room devices to the rooms.
  4. Install the devices in each room, making sure that the serial number and device label match the room name.
  5. (Optional) Enter the installation date in the project spreadsheet, if required.
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