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Learn more about the updated live stream experience.

Important: You can only start and stop a live stream via the computer.

This article only applies to meeting hosts and participants who join via the meeting link. For the viewer experience, check out View a Live stream.

Learn which Google Workspace editions can live stream

In-house and Cross Domain live streaming is available with these Google Workspace Editions:

  • Enterprise Starter
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Education Plus: This is available to users with a "Staff" or "Student" license.
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade: This is available to users with a “Teaching and Learning Upgrade” license.

Compare Google Workspace editions or Learn about your available Meet features.

If live streaming is enabled for your work or school account, you can let people in your organization watch your video meetings. With Cross Domain live streaming, admins can also allow up to 50 different Trusted Workspace sub-domains to join their live streams. The maximum number of live stream viewers depends on your Google Workspace edition.

Tip: If you’re a Google Workspace administrator who manages Google Meet for your organization, first allow live streaming or set up Cross Domain live streaming.

Who can view a live stream 

Only guests in your organization can watch live streams. If your admin turns on Cross Domain live streaming, then guests in your organization and in Trusted Workspace domains can watch.

  • On the computer, all meeting participants in your organization can stop and start the stream during the meeting, and record the event.
  • Guests who watch via the live stream link can’t control streaming and recording. Learn more at View a Live stream.

Tip: Live stream organizers will see a viewer count at the top of their screen. The live stream counter will show every new viewer until the first 100 users. After 100 users, it will round to the nearest 5.

Supported Meet browsers

You can use these browsers to view live stream meetings:

  • Chrome Browser
  • Microsoft® Edge®
  • Mozilla® Firefox®
  • Opera®
  • Apple® Safari®
What you can share via live stream with Meet
  • Real-time employee and staff training
  • Academic information with students
  • Conference materials that can’t be shared in person
  • Organization-wide presentations with multiple presenters
  • Guests may be designated as view-only

On your mobile device, you can’t schedule, start, or stop a Meet live stream event. Use Calendar or Meet on a computer.

Participants who join via the meeting link, and not the live stream link, still have full access to all meeting features, such as: 

View your live stream report

After a live stream, the meeting organizer receives an email with a Google Sheets report. Learn how to view your live stream report.


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