Add or remove people from a Google Meet meeting

You can add people to a video meeting in Google Meet before or after the meeting starts. You can also remove people during a video meeting. 

Some people need to request permission before they can join the video meeting. For details, go to Join a video meeting.

Add people during a video meeting

While in the meeting, you can invite others to join. For meetings organized through personal Google accounts, only the meeting organizer can admit participants.

  • Google Workspace users: To admit someone who isn’t in your organization, someone from within your organization must admit the invited participant.
  1. Open the Meet app Meet app and join a meeting. 
  2. On the top left, tap the meeting name.
  3. On the "People" tab, to send the meeting details to other participants, tap Share joining info Share.
Tip: For meetings organized by Google Workspace users, the joining info includes how to join via a phone.

Remove people during a video meeting

Important: For meetings with Host Management on, only a meeting host or co-host can remove another participant from an ongoing meeting. If Host Management is off, anyone from the meeting organizers' domain can remove a participant.
  1. At the top left, tap the meeting name or meeting code.
  2. Next to the participant you want to remove, tap Actions Customize and control Google Chrome.
  3. Tap Remove .
  4. On the box that opens, select one or more of the following options:
  • To just remove a participant, select Remove.
  • To remove and mark a participant as abusive, select Fill out an abuse report.
  • To make sure a participant doesn’t rejoin the same meeting, select Block.
    • Important: If you block a user, they are only blocked from the current meeting or concurrent meetings which use the same meeting code. They can still join other meetings you host. To allow users to rejoin a meeting they are blocked from, they must be manually re-invited from within the meeting.

Google Workspace for Education users: If a participant’s requests to join a meeting are denied twice, they won't be able to request to join the meeting again. In these cases, the meeting organizer can manually invite them back into the meeting.

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